Cease & Desist Letter

Request a Cease and Desist Letter for a Bad Reference

What You Receive with the Cease & Desist Service:

  1. A legal analysis of your “unfavorable” reference. (Note that the assumption is that Allison & Taylor has already concluded a reference check on your behalf that has revealed unfavorable input from your reference.) AllisonTaylor.com will review your reference check report(s) with legal counsel after providing them with a copy of that report(s). (Please note that the attorney might decide that stronger legal recourse than Cease & Desist could be available to you.  If so, you will be advised directly by the attorney.)
  2. After our consultation with the attorney you will receive a rough draft of the C&D letter. Within 1 week – providing you approve the draft immediately upon receipt — the letter will be sent via certified (signature-required) mail to the CEO or appropriate senior management representative you identify within your former company.
  3. Note that the attorney letter that will be transmitted on your behalf is a copyrighted work product.
  4. A final copy of the Cease & Desist letter sent to you via email the day it is sent to the company.
  5. After approximately four weeks has passed from the time the company receives the Cease & Desist letter, a follow-up reference check is conducted. You will be asked to input this follow-up order on a no-charge basis.
  6. In the unlikely event our organization is called upon to serve in a deposition regarding your negative reference, AllisonTaylor.com will serve in this capacity (some fees may apply, depending on services required).
  7. Your references are kept on file with our firm for an additional 12 months, on a complimentary basis. You must send us an email when the file is to be archived and you receive notice. Typically this service fee is $19.95 per 6 months per reference.
  8. Perhaps most importantly, you will gain peace of mind knowing that this unfavorable reference is being addressed and should not result in your loss of future employment.

Due to the price competitiveness of this quote (generation of a Cease & Desist letter is typically $1,200), note that any additional demands on the attorney’s time – e.g., calls or emails — will result in additional fees to you. Additional fees of $75 will be billed in 15- minute increments for additional time with Allison Taylor or the attorney.

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To send the Cease & Desist letter to the CEO/senior management of your former employer, we will need from you:

  1. Name of the Officer
  2. Title of the Officer
  3. Full U.S. mail address, Street Address if preferred (where this person is located)
  4. Fax number (if available)
  5. Email (if available)
  6. Phone number[s]

Note that the company representative who gave the negative reference will be named in that letter. The reference-checking firm contracted by you (AllisonTaylor.com) will NOT be named in the letter.

Also note that, while this process has proven effective in most instances, it is not possible to offer a guarantee of our efforts, nor is any portion of the overall fee refundable.

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About Our Attorney

Jim Abrams, Ph.D, J.D., has over 25 years experience as an attorney addressing matters involving key areas of employer and employee labor and employment law in the public and private sectors including:

  1. Independent Contractor Disputes
  2. Non-Compete Agreements
  3. Employment References
  4. Cease and Desist Letters
  5. Terminations, Discipline
  6. Unemployment Compensation
  7. Severance Agreements
  8. Employment Contracts
  9. Wage and Hour Matters
  10. OSHA
  11. Workers’ Compensation
  12. Workplace Investigations
  13. Lay-offs
  14. Discrimination Matters
  15. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  16. Drug & Alcohol Issues

As an experienced trial lawyer, he regularly appears before federal and state courts and administrative agencies. He practices nationally.

For more than 16 years, Jim Abrams served as senior labor and employment counsel for Rockwell International and Texaco. As lead investigator in hundreds of workplace investigations, he has the knowledge and experience to advise either management or employees.

He has authored a number of articles, been interviewed and quoted by major news organizations including CNN, Forbes, ABC, the Denver Post, KHOW radio and other publications and has given multiple presentations on labor and employment law and human resource matters.
Trained by the U.S. Department of Justice and previously serving as Counsel for the Solicitor of Labor, Jim represented a variety of federal agencies including the Wage & Hour Division, the Employment Standards Administration, OSHA, MSHA and the OFCCP. He has appeared with the National Labor Relations Board to prosecute alleged violations of the National Labor Relations Act. Jim has also appeared with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attorneys in federal court to remedy violations of Title VII.

Jim Abrams received his Juris Doctor from the University of Oklahoma where he was named to the Dean’s List. He received his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma Medical Center under the sponsorship of the United States Public Health Service. Jim received his Certified Compensation Professional designation through the American Compensation Association.
At the request of the United States Congress, Jim Abrams has testified on workplace matters. He has been judicially qualified to testify as an expert in employment law. He currently serves on the Colorado Supreme Court’s Civil Rules Committee and formerly served on the boards of the American Corporate Counsel Association, Colorado Chapter and the Colorado Safety Association.  Jim Abrams has been admitted to practice in the States of Oklahoma and Colorado as well as the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

National Service
Commander, United States Navy Medical Department

Pro Bono Activities
Member, Colorado Supreme Court, Civil Rules Committee
Legal Counsel, Visiting Nurses Association

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